Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Windmill Sunrise

I thought about sleeping in.

No need to go chase a sunrise while the blankets are warm.

And I wonder how cold it is outside?

Too cold to be out and about on a perfectly lazy Saturday morning, I bet.

But then again, this could be the sunrise I'm waiting for.

The perfect sunrise.

And unless I put feet to the floor and go see for myself, I'll never know if it was or wasn't.

Ok. Out of bed. Put on clothes. Forget about shower and teeth. Time to move quickly. The sunrise waits for no man, especially me.

Camera battery charged? Check. Wallet in my pocket? Check. Gas in the car? Check.

Move, move, move. I know just where I want to be. Past main street. Past the traffic lights. Out of town. No time for a speeding ticket. Keep moving. "C'mon, mister. Can't ya see I'm in a hurry?" Drive, drive, drive.

And there it is.

Pull over.





Windmill Sunrise

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