Friday, July 26, 2013

Do moths actually fly?

Moth in the Bushes

Of course not! They just tumble around in the air until they can grasp hold of something.

They're sort of like helicopters that lose part of their propellors in all those movies you've ever seen that include helicopter crashes. Up, down, turn left, right, back up, go around, do-si-do and grab your partner, swing her boy, swing all night.

Except moths don't blow up when they crash.

I was lucky to grab this photo when the poor thing was taking a breather.

So, here are five things I think a moth is thinking about when he's up there doing gymnastics in the air:

1. Holy Cow, I wish I were a cow.

2. Okay, I can do this, just look straight ahead, aim for the tree, where's the tree? Oh God it disappeared. No wait, there it is.

3. What? No peanuts on this flight?

4. Ladies and gentleman, we're experiencing a SLIGHT bit of turbulence. It's possible we will crash land in Mr. Farmer's field. Either that or we'll be plucked out of the sky by a hungry Purple Martin looking for an afternoon snack. Either way, we're DOOMED. Thank you for flying ME.

And finally...

5. I could have been a doctor.

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  1. I love your ideas of what moths are like. Lol. It reminds me a bit of how they describe butterflies in The Last Unicorn.

  2. LOL! Loved this post. Go moth, go! :D

  3. Oh yes, i'm LOL- ing. Especially about the peanuts. I'd be disappointed too.

  4. how cute! Loved it. Have a great weekend.

  5. Great description. I look even funnier chasing them around trying to get a photograph. You have a Red Admiral butterfly there.

  6. Oops! A butterfly, you say? Well, I looked it up, and you're right! And they're known for their erratic flying. At least I got THAT right! Thanks!

  7. Patti stole my thunder, but that' quite okay -- I only knew the name as I posted one a few weeks back.

    Thanks so much for joining in @ R5F. xo