Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Was the One

I was the one
you stood behind
in line
at the grocery store,
replacing food
I couldn't afford.

Chips. Spaghetti. Herbs.
And you looked so perturbed.

I was the one
who worked three jobs,
maybe four,
I don't remember any more,
trying just to survive.

One. Day. At a time.
And you couldn't even be kind.

I was the one
who wanted to better myself,
get a degree,
to give my baby
a better life.

She. Deserves. The sky.
But you thought I was reaching too high.

I was the one
who pulled myself up
by my bootstraps,
to stand tall,
to give a voice to all the voiceless.

People. Left. Unheard.
While you parsed and played with words.

So if you choose not to hear
what I have to say today,
then I'll stand up --

and speak a lot louder.



1 comment:

  1. good verse but sad...there are too many of us who can't afford the essentials let alone the extras...