Wednesday, May 14, 2014

More than just a cartoon cowboy

It's been almost a year since I started my @TheTexasHoss alternate ego over there on that Twitter thing. A year of country-isms, sweet tea, Texas politics and poetry.

And photography.

And maybe some stupid jokes.

Almost a year.

Texas Hoss is solely meant to be a cartoon characterization of how I feel about certain topics that, if expressed with my neighbors, could get me strung up and labeled a good-for-nothing Yankee bluecoat who has no business living outside of the north, or Austin.

It got me an interview with Wendy Davis! That was pretty cool.

I got followed by Lyle Lovett! Damn cool!

And I've become acquainted with a lot of very nice folk.

I just thought, for my Internet friends, it'd be nice if I stepped out of the shadows for awhile and said Howdy.

Nothing should really change with The Hoss, except for maybe more of an eclectic range of tweets, but I really don't think y'all will mind.

More than likely, nobody will even notice.

Family Portrait
These people kind of like me.

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