Hey, I wrote a book!

It's been six years since I wrote "Never Trust a Goat."

So, not having much to do the other day, I thought I'd put together a new one.

It's called "Porch Poems."

It's just a little thing. A few of my better poems, put together in a fashion that sortof resembles a poetry book, uploaded to an e-publishing site to sit there and rest until YOU go and download it and come to the conclusion, "He calls this a book? Shoot, I could've written something just like it, but better."

And it isn't angst-filled poetry, either.

It's fun poetry. Poetry you don't have to think hard about.

Poetry that's just right for reading on the porch.

Whereas the Goat book was free, "Porch Poems" is gonna cost ya.

Ninety-nine cents.

Heck, that's a little less than what a cherry limeade costs.

And once you're finished drinking it, it's gone for good.

Until you have to wee.

Download "Porch Poems" for a wee .99 cents, and you can keep it forever.

Cowboy Haiku

Cowboy haiku ain't like city folk haiku. Its old 5-7-5 face is weathered and worn by long days, hard work, dust and sweat.

Those damn mosquitoes,
always cruising the main drag
looking for free drinks.

I sweat wind and dust.
The Brazos flows through my veins.
My soul sings Texas.

Bacon. Bacon is.
Bacon is muy rico.
Bacon is. Bacon.

Biscuits and gravy,
sausages, bacon, coffee.
My Breakfast Dream Team.

I've been to LA
once was one time too many.
Texas suits me fine.

Never eat a big breakfast before doing your chores

I had a big breakfast.

Bacon. Eggs. Orange juice. A biscuit with honey. Coffee.

I was going to do my chores BEFORE having my big breakfast, but the bacon seductively called my name, begging to be fried, and the eggs seductively called my name, not wanting to be outdone by the bacon, and the orange juice licked its lips at me, in a mildly obscene way, and the honey winked at me from the top shelf, not wanting to be just left on the top shelf -- and I didn't stand a chance.

So I fried up that bacon.

Fried up those eggs.

Poured that orange juice.

Dribbled that honey on a leftover biscuit (which might sound disgusting, a leftover biscuit, but smothered in honey it was quite nice).

Washed it all down with that tall cup of coffee.

And spent the rest of the morning on the couch, trying to force my way outside to do my chores, but giving in to a mid-morning nap. And now I'm trying to convince myself I'll get something done this afternoon, after lunch.

It doesn't look promising.

My DFW photo safari

It doesn't take a whole lot of money to go on a photo safari.

And you don't have to venture into the wilds of Africa to do it, either.

All it takes is a camera, a destination, a bit of patience, and some Coke money (You get awfully thirsty out there in the almost-wilderness).

Sometimes I just sit on the porch and let the "wildlife" (bugs, birds and whatnot) come to me, but this past week, the family and I ventured west to Dallas and Ft. Worth looking for a close-to-home vacation, and I came back with some decent photographs.

Well, at least I think so.

"58" at the Dallas Museum of Art. Don't exactly know what it represents, but it sure was interesting.

58 at the DMA

Bumble Bee at the Trinity River Audubon Center. We'll be heading back when it's cooler because there's lots of trails left to explore.

At the Trinity River Audubon Center

Macaws at the Ft. Worth Zoo. I've never seen a sad-looking macaw. Have you?

A Day at the Zoo

"Looking For My Zen" at the Ft. Worth Japanese Gardens. If you've lost your zen, you can no doubt find it here.

Fort Worth Zen

And "Girl Walking Through Garden" also at the Japanese Gardens. It's amazing what a little Photoshop can do.

Girl In Garden

And there you have it.

Maybe YOU need to go on a photo safari!

It'll do you good.

Hiking the Gila Wilderness

My daughter and I recently backpacked The Gila Wilderness in New Mexico. It was with a group of people, we actually didn't hike very far, but I can't get hiking and backpacking and camping and pooping in the woods out of my mind.

.Hiking The Gila with Becky

Ever since we've gotten back, I've been reading about hiking, devouring info on lighter gear and the best way to purify water, counting how much money I'd have to save up to buy all the stuff I've been going gaga over, getting depressed because I'll never be able to save up that much, reading journals, blogs, tweets -- you name it. I've been hyper-focused on it and I don't know if I can control it.

I just want to hike some more.

Not just around the neighborhood you understand, but Arkansas, back to New Mexico, Colorado, Big Bend National Park, the PCT, CDT and the AT.

Hey, why not across Canada? Or maybe throughout Europe? Not just a weekend of hiking, but a lifetime of hiking.

Yes, I've been bitten by the bug, but good!