Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Burns' Night

Just a quick little report on Burns' Night at The Farr Place:

There was haggis. Well, it was vegetarian, which technically means it wasn't haggis at all. But at least we had it in name.

There was neeps: (autocorrect tried to say I had jeeps, but I didn't. I had neeps) Neeps are turnips, boiled and mashed like mashed potatoes.

There was tatties. Mashed potatoes.

We were out of whiskey, but we had tea.

We didn't recite any of Burns' poetry (a major omission), but I did tell our daughter that he was a famous Scottish poet who wrote "Auld Lang Syne" and that we were starting a new tradition by celebrating his birthday every Jan. 25.

She told me she had never heard of him or it (the song).

I sang it.

She begged me to stop.

And that was the end of our Burns' Night celebration.

I think the whole affair went off smashing!

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