Tuesday, March 24, 2015

T-minus 70 Days: For the record, I'm getting in shape

It's very possible that I'm not in the best of shape to spend 75 days riding across America on the back of a motorcycle.

I'm not overly obese, but I could stand to lose a few pounds.

Somewhere between 10 and half a ton.

I can drive a loaded school bus two times a day without losing my ever-loving mind, so I think my concentration skills are at a professional level, but it's possible my upper body strength needs a bit of tweaking (which, for you young folk, is not the same as twerking).

I can sit for ungodly amounts of time on the couch, so I think I can sit for ungodly amounts of time on a motorbike, but I'm not sure my grip is up to pulling at the throttle for that long. And after a day of riding, if I'm too weak to hold a mug of cold beer, I've got to ask myself is this adventure really worth it?

Well, yes, but I guess I'll just have to start a get-fit regimen. And the sooner the better.

A few sit-ups for tightening up those muscles that hurt when I try to sit up.

Extra reps of weightlifting cast iron skillets before frying my eggs.

Walking is good for something. I'll try some of that.

And I guess I could eat a bit less.

A bit.

All I know is I got 70 days to make some life-changing changes to my life, because June 1st, ready or not, I'm heading out of town for an adventure my wife hasn't approved of yet, but she'll come around.


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