Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My humble apologies

I think any person who is about to go on an epic adventure sans loved ones owes those sans loved ones a round of epic apologies.

So, this is to you, my sans loved ones:

To my wife -- Thank you so much for smiling whenever I start talking about riding my motorcycle around America. You have been so loving and gracious and supportive of my dream, and what have I done for you? Left you with an acre of property to mow with a lawn mower that might or might not start, depending on the day of the week, and one word of advice: Always remember to check under the hood for wasps BEFORE you start the engine.

To my children -- Thank you so much for thinking my marathon trip across the country is a cool thing for me to do. At times, I have wavered at the thought of leaving you guys behind, thinking it would be best for me to stick around, fix dinner for you and mow the yard for mom, but you've kept me focused and on track. And what have I done for you? Left you without any supervision or chores, and one word of advice: Always remember to clean up after your parties before mom gets home.

To my parents and in-laws -- Thank you so much for not saying too many negative things about this adventure I'm heading out on. I know you'll fret, I know you'll worry, I know you'll be angry if I go out and kill myself leaving you to foot the bill for my funeral and burial, but you've kept all those thoughts bottled up inside yourself knowing that expressing them will more than likely not help one bit, and for that I'm forever grateful. And what have I done for you? Hmmmm. I'm not really sure. Let me think about that.

To my cats -- I would say I'm sorry that I'm leaving you behind, but I'm not.

And to my NON sans loved ones, I'll see you soon out on the road. I leave Monday, June 1.


Every day's a good day to ride.

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  1. Looking forward to your trip posts. Maybe we can All live a little through your adventure! God speed and we will all keep you in our prayers.