Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ignore Everybody, except for Hugh MacLeod

I'm an addicted Internet hopper. I browse around a bit, hop through this link, read that blog post, see what's happening in the world, and before I know it, it's nighty-night time and I haven't accomplished a thing.

A lot of stuff out there in the good old interwebs is just plain rubbish, but then something comes along, grabs your attention, and it doesn't want to let go of you even though you're late for work and your boss is going to blow a steaming volcano when you DO get there, IF you get there at all.

Hugh MacLeod is that something.

MacLeod is a cartoonist living out in West Texas. Alpine to be exact. But to call him "just a cartoonist" is like calling Harry Houdini "just a magician." And like Houdini, MacLeod creates amazing pieces of magic, but with the stroke of his pen.

These two pieces of artwork by MacLeod are some of my favorites. The top one, "Ignore Everybody," speaks loud and clear to those people who are trying to be unique, trying to be different, and encounter naysayers at every turn. The bottom one, "Texas," speaks for itself. Of course, you sort of have to be a Texan to hear it.

Art is a glorious thing to behold, but even more satisfying is the sharing of that art. Elizabeth Potts Weinstein shared her love for MacLeod's book (he's an author, too) in a blog post that I read. I went to MacLeod's site, GapingVoid, and was blown away by his art. And then Tyler Hurst invited people to join a community of 100 people who were excited about Hugh MacLeod's work -- excited enough to want to talk about it, and share it with others.

This isn't the usual type of story I write, but I am, indeed, excited about MacLeod's work!

And I felt like sharing!

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