Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'd Rather Be a Monster

I'd Rather Be a Monster

By Tracy Farr

I’d rather be a monster than a doctor or a nurse,
Or a teacher in a classroom, really, nothing could be worse
Than sitting at a desk all day, grading papers by the score.
I’d rather be a monster than a bore.

Monsters are such creepy things, so ugly and so scary.
Some are short and some are tall and some are mighty hairier than
Uncle Joe, my mother’s brother, he’s just downright dumb.
I’d rather be a monster than a bum.

If I were a monster I would roam around all night,
I’d sneak inside your home to wake you up and with delight
I’d listen to your horrid screams until you passed out on the floor.
For that is what a monster’s truly for.

But I am not a monster; I’m a kid who’s just like you.
I run around and play all day and ride bicycles, too, across the
Street and down the alley even though they say I can’t.
I’d rather be a monster, but I ain’t.

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