Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Devil Goat

Have you ever been outside at night and tried to find your goats with a flashlight? Well buddy, let me tell ya, it's a freaky experience. They just stand there, looking right at you with their eyes all aglow.

If you haven't found Jesus, staring at those goats will make you want to start looking!

The Devil Goat

By Tracy Farr

Some men do say that the Devil's a snake,
But I beg to differ, he's a goat with red eyes
That gleam in the night, how they shine by themselves
In the darkness; a goat of incredible size.

His face is as gaunt as a starving man's face,
Who's fasted as much as a month or a year,
With eyes sunken in just as deep as possible,
His eyes, how they give you that foul taste of fear.

And horns, don't forget how his horns curve about,
They look so benign but the simple truth is
That if you dare not do exactly what he wants
Those horns will impale you and mark you as his.

The funny thing is that when nighttime is over,
A goat in the sunshine looks gentle and tame,
But beware, it's a lie, he's the king of deception.
He's purely the Devil; he's a goat just in name.

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