Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Wind Was Blowing Hard Today

I was riding my motorcycle home from work the other day, and the wind was really blowing. Not only that, but it and the sun were serving up a super-sized portion of heatness. It was at least 102 degrees out there on the road. I felt like I had just crawled into an oven and cuddled up next to a pepperoni pizza that still had 10 more minutes left to cook.

Anyways, the wind was really blowing, and I thought up this poem.

The Wind Was Blowing Hard Today

By Tracy D. Farr

The wind was blowing hard today,
So hard it blew my head away
And sent it tumbling down the street.
I hope you do not think that's neat.

I chased my head for a block or two,
But there's only so much a guy can do
With a headless body that has no eyes
Or ears or mouth, and that's no lie.

So I sat down in someone's yard,
And tried to think, but it was hard
'Cause all my thinking went a 'joggin'
When the wind kicked up and detached my noggin'.

So listen friends and listen well,
When the wind starts blowing, I'm here to tell
You better grab onto your ears and pray
That the wind doesn't blow YOUR head away.

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