Saturday, February 16, 2013

On The Trail at Lake Bob Sandlin

When you get that urge to get off the couch, head outside, and enjoy the great outdoors, it's best to just forget about anything else you "have" to do, and get up and GO.

Lake Bob SandlinThat's exactly what Becky, my daughter, and I did today. We headed out to Lake Bob Sandlin State Park to hike their 4.5 hiking trail.

It was 10 a.m. and 40F by the time we arrived at the trailhead, and a brisk breeze was making it a bit chilly -- but we knew it wouldn't take long for us to warm up.

The trail is well marked, flat for the most part with a few steep bits to get your heart pumping, and quiet. We didn't see much wildlife, but we did hike past a primitive composting toilet "shack" that Becky wouldn't have used if I'd given her all the money in the world.

(I thought it was pretty cool, but I'm a guy.)

Beck on a BridgeThere's a trout fishing pond beside the trail and we stopped their for a little rest and swig of water. A group of Boy Scouts were trying their luck fishing, and some of the boys were students at the school where I teach. After a quick "hello" and "how do you do?", Becky and I headed on down the trail.

"We go to Wal-mart, and everybody knows you. We go on a hike, and everybody knows you," Becky said. "How is that?"

I replied, "I'm just awesome."

We made it around the trail in a little less than two hours and I learned three things along the way:

1. Being outside is better than being inside.

2. Spending time with your family is time well spent.

3. I need to get in shape.

Trail and Shadows

Brim Pond

The Pines

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