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Haiku 2014


Christmas Tree Photo Tip

The only things my local newspaper lacks...

O Tannenbaum My Tumbleweed

Survival tip for those who enjoy riding a motorcycle throughout the winter

Life after Black Friday

Me and 34

You have to have priorities

When I grow up I want to be ...


Canine Companionship

I am not an addict

Like I was saying...

My mother and father...

My kind of poem

The oldest excuse in the book

The Key to Happiness

Every day's a good day to ride

El Chupacabra

Always be considerate

To be honest with you...

Me and My Shadow

I let the cats cry...

My Friends Are Crusty

That's life

I Am a Biker-Man

Robin Williams

Hey, I wrote a book!

Cowboy Haiku

Cowboy Zen

Wil Wheaton is BatWil

My old grandpa once said...

Never eat a big breakfast before doing your chores

My DFW photo safari

Uncle Steve's Words of Wisdom

Hiking the Gila Wilderness

Happy Anniversary

I Photoshopped Wil, and he Re-Tweeted!

My old grandpa once told me...

There once was a poem here...

Vintage Steve Martin

I Photoshopped Wil Wheaton, again.

Training for the Gila Wilderness

I Photoshopped Wil Wheaton, Again

More than just a cartoon cowboy

I Photoshopped Wil Wheaton

Wild Thang!

Disaster averted

It's a new year, again?