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Motivation comes in all shapes, sizes

I'm not listening, I'm not listening.

Rainy-day Haiku

Photo of the Week: Goodwill hunting

I like birds...

She Said, He Said

T-minus 70 Days: For the record, I'm getting in shape

The Texas Hoss

Biker Haiku

Photo of the Week

My wife likes her coffee...

My old grandpa would say...

Chasing America, Part II

Chasing America

She Said, He Said

There's no haiku like snow haiku

Photo of the Week

A pot of Zen Soup...

The Texas Hoss

I didn't get the memo

So much for planning

My old grandpa once told me...

Ode To a Cast Iron Skillet

Photo of the Week: Good Advice

Some times I make oatmeal...

She Said, He Said

If all goes as planned...

The Texas Hoss

Chores Haiku