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Here's the Plan

My Motorcycle Bibles

I don't know...

My old grandpa would say...

It's Rain 'n Cows

My humble apologies

She Said, He Said

Haiku circulation

Photo of the Week: My Mugshot

You can make plans...

Manly rules for hugging other men

Overplanning for an adventure

My old grandpa said...

Good Haiku advice

Photo of the Week

I'd rather 1,000 black cats...

She Said, He Said

The Texas Hoss

Haiku, after hours

Photo of the Week. I-Phone Vortex

I prefer to quote myself...

New tires, new chain, and the help of others.

My grandpa always said...

She's always right, Haiku

Photo of the Week: Playing Cat & Tire

This long slow rain...