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Things I'm thankful for

In the beginning...

Critter Haiku

Poor Hoss, Rich Hoss

Zen and the art of Cornbread

Autumn always sneaks

She Said, He Said

Some days I just want to be a kid again...

I was raised to believe...

Reading like a Hoss

I used to enjoy watching the news...

Holding on

Have a Good Haiku

Thinking out loud

And now for some headline news:

Morning Haiku

My old grandpa would say...

My Two Cents

So there I was

She Said, He Said

I hate Thursdays

The Candidate


The Texas Hoss

This summer rain...


Thinking out loud

I had a weird dream last night...

You're never too old, I hope

Dinner bell

My old grandpa would say...

Squirrel hunting...

I wanted to be a writer


She Said, He Said

I hate Thursdays

How to extend your summer vacation

Bare my soul

The Texas Hoss prayer

How old are my kids?

My Coma List


Thinking Out Loud

Our Founding Fathers...

My old grandpa would say...

Texas Hoss: Open Carry

She Said, He Said

Haiku for cat owners

My old grandpa once said...

The first Air Force One

"If you want to become vegetarian

Texas Ed. 101

Always watch where you step

She Said, He Said: Leftovers

Back in the Saddle Again

I never mix politics and pancakes

Valentine Haiku

My thoughts about leftovers

My old grandfather would always say...

Jake and The Milk Cow

My old grandpa would say...

A Frosty Haiku

First hike

The good old days of live chatting