I wouldn't make a good Buddhist...

...because I don't think highly enough of myself to believe my self is worth thinking about.

Honda on Ice

Ok, I'll admit it.

There are some days that I do not ride my motorbike.

Honda on Ice

Actually, my bike has been covered with a lot more ice and snow than this, but this is how it was on Monday when Mr. Frost came through our neck of the woods.

Got ice? No dice.

The trick for creating faux gourmet leftovers

So, the other night I had a bit of curry leftovers.

We always have leftovers.

It's not that my family hates my cooking so much that there's plenty still left in the pan. It's because I always cook to feed an army.

Well, a small army.

Anyways, we had some leftover curry from the night before, and since I didn't want to waste it, I incorporated it into a completely NEW dish.

Heat up some onions and green beans, spoon the leftovers into the skillet, pour in some vegetable broth, thicken it with some cornstarch, add a ton of mushrooms and halved cherry tomatoes, stir in some cooked Ramen noodles, and sprinkle the whole thing with cilantro...

...then (and this is the most important part) give it an exotic name.

As soon as I announced, "Supper is ready. We're having South Korean Mushroom Stew," mouths watered all around the house.

Well, that is until my wife looked at the skillet and said, "Hmmmm, this looks vaguely familiar. Is that the leftover curry I see?"

2.18.15 South Korean Mushroom Stew

TIP: Cilantro makes everything look better.

Haiku for Van Morrison

Let's capture the moon
and dance with the stars above,
one more time my love.

Cowboy Haiku...

... ain't all frogs and ponds. It's hard work, simple living, good cooking' and music set to 5-7-5 as if God commanded it.

Do dreams really come true? Part II

The plan:

Ride across America to break a Guinness World Record.

Start Time:

2 a.m., Monday, 1 June 2015

End Day.

1 August, 2015, but that's just a wild guess.

Days on the road:

60, but again, wild guess.


Too much for me to do it by myself, so I'll be looking for sponsors.

What my wife says:

"Are you out of your MIND??"

Do dreams really come true?

Recently, I've been humming "When You Wish Upon A Star" in all the strangest places -- Walmart, while I'm riding my motorcycle, reclining in my favorite chair -- and it does seem to relax me and calm me down from all the other things I usually worry about, but is it true?

Can your dreams really come true?

I guess I'll soon find out.

I've been dreaming about doing a long motorcycle ride. I ride that will not only take me crisscrossing across America, but also -- dare I even say it -- put me on all those iconic "bucket list" motorcycle roads that we bikers dream about at night.

Even seeing my dream just written out, for anybody to read, makes me a bit nervous.

I have a tendency to tell people about adventures I want to take part in, but never end up actually doing them. It's like the telling is just as good as the doing, and I'm done.

So I hesitate to tell anyone, especially you, dear reader, for fear that this dream will end at this post's last full stop.

But, maybe it won't. Maybe this time will be the time when my dreams really do come true.

Yes, there are obstacles I have to overcome (money being No. 1), but if they can be hurdled, if I can ignore the naysayers and haters and doomsday predictors, maybe, just maybe, all the pieces will come together to make this happen.

I guess only time will tell.

Full stop.

Cornbread Haiku

Life brings suffering
but I bake homemade cornbread
to make it better.

Thursday is...

... a wet dog sitting in your favorite chair, and it's not even your dog.

I am NOT a Vegetarian Texas Cowboy Foodie Blogger, Part II

It's my wife's fault.

And my daughter's.

They took advantage of me wanting to cook, brought home a bucket of vegetables one day, announced, "We want to eat healthier from now on," and that was that.

What was so bad about Friday pizza and movie night with breadsticks and 2-litre bottles of Coca Cola?

Was there anything wrong with Saturday hamburgers out on the grill?

How bad could a half a gallon of French Vanilla Ice Cream every week truly be?

Or catfish? Or bacon? Or catfish wrapped in bacon? Or bacon wrapped in bacon?

But now, after two years of fixing and eating healthy vegetarian meals, I don't even salivate as I walk past the bacon section at Wal-Mart. It just makes me want to cry.

So, you wanna see a photo of my haggless? (meatless haggis)

1.25.15 Happy Burns' Night

Haggless, tatties (potatoes) and neeps (turnips).

And it weren't half bad.

I am NOT a Vegetarian Texas Cowboy Foodie Blogger

How could I be? I don't even own a horse.

Or spurs.

But I made this absolutely pert-near okie dokie Vietnamese Hot Pot (at least that's what the recipe called it), and it wasn't half bad.

2.9.15 Vietnamese Hot Pot

Did'ja notice how the spices sprinkled on top make for a better presentation?

(I'm doomed.)

Back to the dark ages of Texas education

It's hard to believe there are Texans who think going back to the good old educational ways of yesteryear is what this state needs. No fine arts, gruel for lunch, getting caned if your bad, don't get up, don't ask questions, don't you dare speak unless you're spoken to, and if you even think about rolling your eyes at me I'll slap them clear out of your eye sockets and the rest of the class can watch them roll out the door, but not you because you won't have them anymore, have I made myself clear?

Haiku for today

Sunday morn' comes slow
with raindrops dripping in time
to sad cowboy songs.

Photo of the Week -- Moondance

It's hard to believe we little humans walked up there, cruised the neighborhood, picked up some rocks, and played golf.

1.28.15 Moondance

I'm taking one photo a day, throughout all of 2015 (as long as I don't quit). Wanna see all the photos I've taken so far?

Here's a link to my 365 Album on Flickr.

Lessons I've Learned From My Brother

Today is my brother’s birthday. His name is Scott. We grew up together in the suburbs of Dallas, and like most brothers, we didn't always see eye to eye – actually, we’ve NEVER seen eye to eye because he’s quite a bit taller than me. But that’s neither here nor there. We didn’t get along and it was mostly my fault. I didn’t realize it then, but I do now.

My brother and I, although raised by the same parents, are as different as night and day. I went to college, and he got a job. He joined the Army, and I enlisted in the Air Force. He plays the drums, I play the banjo. He knows how to fix a car and make it run like new. I know that if I step on the little pedal thing, it will go.

Over the years I've learned a lot from my brother – some of it amazing, some of it painful. I learned that it’s best that we don’t talk about religion or politics. I learned that just because I have an opinion doesn’t mean it was given to me by God. I learned that a 6-foot tall younger brother can slam a 5-foot 7-inch older brother into the ground and actually have fun doing it.

I’ve learned a lot of other lessons from my brother, such as the following:

Just because I'm older, doesn't mean I'm smarter. It just means I’m more likely to lose my hearing, hair and teeth before he does.

I am not the center of the universe. The heavens, planets and stars do not rotate around me. My goats may think I’m important, but that’s because I feed them and they don’t know any better.

I am not always "right," and my brother is not always "wrong." And most of the times when I think I’m right, it’s really not worth the fuss.

Never embarrass your brother in front of his girlfriend, unless you're ready to have the wind knocked out of you.

Saying "I’m sorry" does not always fix the problem. It’s best to say I’m sorry while the girlfriend is still around to hear it, but even that’s no guarantee you won’t get hit again.

Sarcasm works for Don Rickles. I am not Don Rickles.

Having a college degree does not ensure intelligence. Believing it does is certain proof of the contrary.

Studying music in college doesn’t make you a musician. The love of playing music makes you a musician. Beyond that, nothing else matters.

Sometimes it’s best to not talk about who’s more qualified to be president. It’s much better to talk about hunting, cooking, camping, fishing, NASCAR and the Dallas Cowboys (and sometimes, not even the Cowboys).

Going deer hunting alone and shooting your first buck is not near as much fun as hunting with your brother and shooting nothing.

Buying new things and watching them grow old can be depressing. Buying old things and making them like new again – now that’s something that can really lift the spirits.

Reading a book is a poor excuse for shutting yourself up in your room and not socializing with relatives who have come to visit. The books will always wait for you – the relatives won’t.

God should have elaborated more when he said, "Love thy neighbor as yourself." He should have included brothers.

I learn something new each and every day from my brother because he’s a good teacher. Some of his lessons are easy to grasp. Some have to be pounded into me year after year. And even though I know I’m not the best of students, at least I’m trying. I just hope to learn all my lessons before the final bell rings.