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Merry Christmas

Christmas Sneeze Haiku

Christmas List Haiku

Christmas Finance Haiku

Christmas Dilemma Haiku

Texas Hoss: Rules on Stocking the Pantry

Taking over the family business

Sunset Over Bus Yard

I saw a dude in Walmart...

Father Christmas on a Motorbike

A poem about Christmas and other stuff

She Said, He Said: Think healthy

End of the day Haiku

My Texas

Weather or not Haiku

50 steps to a good day

My old grandpa would always say...

Happy Thanksgiving

My Texas

One time around Haiku

The Texas Hoss: Bad cowboy humor

Sad song

Morning rush-hour traffic


She Said, He Said: Mars and Venus 2.5

I went to write a poem

Dapper Dude with motorbike

This is the day Haiku

The Texas Hoss: It's all about perspective

The Haiku games we play

Vintage fireman and motorcycle

The best waylaid plans...

My old liberal grandpa would always say:

Haiku fences

On the wild side

Can you ever have too many coffee mugs?

I love those Friday-night Lights...

Haiku Serendipity

She Said, He Said: The Stock Market

The night is breathless...

A Year of Camping, August 2015

A long walk for a beer

Time-lapsed cooking

Morning Haiku

The Texas Hoss says Just Don't Do It

Rat Pack Haiku

Haiku Hoedown

Don't worry, be happy

A round of 'Give and Take'

A friend along The Erie Canal

I went for a ride this morning.

She Said, He Said

When You've Been to the Moon and Back

Summer Haiku

Bo's Head

You'll never see...

My old grandpa would always say...

Fading Summer

Miles and Miles of Haiku

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

The end of the trail

Nobody knows who tomorrow will bring

The Trip so Farr, Part V -- Go East, Old Man. Southeast.

The Trip so Farr, Part IV -- The Golden Gate Tango

Words of Caution

Sunrise over I-10

A little help from my friends

It's time to go home

It happened one afternoon near Coeur d'Alene

Now kids, don't try this at home

My day in San Clemente, California

Some photos of my Trip so Farr